wold war 12 months 12 main

п»їWorld war 1 (core study)

The reasons intended for the stalemate on the western Front

Russia mobilised faster than expected.

Schlieffen plan was modified

a. Helmuth Von Moltke modified the program

b. Splitting the army

my spouse and i. Defending against Russia

ii. Defending Lorraine

c. Circling Paris

i. Left a niche causing french soldiers retreating back in to Paris 2. Damaged the German soldiers in number

d. Resistance from Athens

i. Leading Britain into the war

ii. German born delay ( food supply)

e. New technology preferred the protecting side.

The nature of trench warfare and your life in the trenches dealing with activities of the two allied and German soldiers. The Germans retreated returning to Aisne, choose the most advantageous location a. everlasting trenches

safeguard by barbed wires, souterrain and sandbags

German retraite usually involves heavy cannon barrage then soldiers heading " within the top” Weaponry (rifles, grenades, gas, flamethrowers and in 1916 onwards tanks) " Frente assaults” led to horrendous casualties

Life inside the trenches had been constant of boredom, routine, " covering shock”, disease and vermin and the " stench of death” The constant rain built the trenches muddy

Cope with simpers and constant raid and patrols

Overview of tactics and strategies to break the stalemate including key battles: Verdun, the Somme and Passchendaele. British and French generals acquired taken the offensive against the entrenched Germans Verdun, the Somme and Passchendaele resulted in massive casualties New guns were presented such as toxin gas that kicks off in august 1915 and tanks in July 1916 Gas a new negligible impact while containers did not reach their fight potential right up until July 1918 New tactics- Germans effectively employed small elite groups of storm troopers in 03 1918 The British released the creeping barrage

Development in warfare that combines the use of soldires, artillery, reservoirs and aeroplanes Allied endeavors to break the stalemate together with a naval blockade of...



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