Chapter a few

The Role of Vacation spot in Business Travelling and Travel

The Definition of a Destination

Vacation spot is a place where the primary focus of the company travel trip will be, whether a conference, a sales objective or an incentive travel bundle

The Difference between Vacation spot and Sites

Venues are meant to provide much more some of the companies needed by traveler Although destination are meant to provide virtually every service the traveler needs However , the distinction is becoming blurred while major interesting attractions and resort complexes have got sought to be destinations within their own right, providing every one of the services needed by the organization tourist

The Destination Product

Destination is similar to do-it-yourself kit, from which the business enterprise tourist constructs his or her personal product or perhaps experience Destination product is a mixture of tangible and intangible components Destination items are highly subjective and are be subject to customer perception: Whether or not the vacation spot is seen as secure, secure and stable The perceived atmosphere and ambiance

The degree that the destination is seen to get friendly or perhaps not The perceived productivity and trustworthiness of services within the destination Tourism vacation spot product is for high level interdependence between several elements If one element fails the entire product collapses

Destination Supervision

Destination requires effective managing if they are to satisfactorily focus on business travelers

The opportunity of business tourism vacation spot management

The Typology of Destinations

This kind of figure offers a typology to illustrate the different roles which locations can play in business travel and travel.

Types of Business Tourism in Destinations

Most destinations receive and service lots of types of business travel and leisure simultaneously Few of the business travel and leisure types are:

Attending exhibitions

Marketing and promotional activities

Discussing with customers and buyers

Information in search of and network

Meeting with government officials going to company appointment

Incentive trip

Supervising the management of operation

The destination is only going to be suitable if it offers the right array of services and facilities The destination even offers to be seen to offer an acceptable level of safety and security to get delegates, and to offer these features in a price which is perceived to provide value for money

Section 4

Travel Organizations

Philippine Travel and Tourism Council

Philippine Travel and leisure & Travel and leisure Council (PTTC) is a registered nongovernment, nationwide travel and tourism industry organization that serves as a hyperlink between organizations in the field of travel and leisure & travel and leisure in the Israel and the other areas of the world Additionally, it cooperates with local travel and leisure councils and government agencies to attract tourists in the region PTTC can be recognized by the Department of Tourism

PTTC creates a hub for the positive development of travel around and travel and leisure in the Israel They are drawn from those who supply the product which include hotels, lodges, camps, flight companies and floor operators and the ones who support the market all over the world, tour and web-based workers, travel agents, representation companies, tourist boards, tourism councils, county units and sections of the media

Philippine Tourism Authority

Pangasiwaang Pilipino sa Turismo

is a company of the Philippine government under the Department of Tourism responsible for employing policies and programs with the department regarding the development, campaign, and direction of travel and leisure projects in the Philippines The Philippine Travel Authority was made on May 10, 1973 pursuant to Presidential Decree Number 189 since amended simply by Presidential Decree No . 564 As the implementing adjustable rate mortgage of the Department of Travel, it tools policies and programs from the department relevant...



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