Thorntons Market Analysis

Market Evaluation

3. 1A ‘PEST' analysis can be used on the confectionary market to be able to analyse the macroeconomic factors which have a direct impact on the organization. The four main factors it looks at are personal, environmental, social and technical; however it also can incorporate the economic element as well.

a few. 2The political factor refers to changes in the govt and government departments as well as cohering to any laws or legislation in place. A current example is the growing government and consumer issues over improved levels of unhealthy weight. It maybe necessary for Thorntons to consider altering their very own brand picture as well creating new, better products in addition to providing the same traditional products. The marketing on this new better range may show how Thorntons features taken into account client concerns regarding attempting to fight obesity and also boost sales figures. Also, should Thorntons decide to move global, they must make sure that they abide by almost all laws in other countries.

three or more. 3The environmental factor refers to pollution (disposing of waste materials legally), around the world and shortage of solutions however recently it has been an increasing concern of buyers of where their products actually are derived from. Thorntons knows this and has supplied reasonable conditions for workers in order to make certain that the product shows an all rounded quality. It would also require Thorntons manipulating the amount of emissions using their factories as well as perhaps using reusable or recycled packaging, to be able to minimise negatively affecting the surroundings.

several. 4The sociable factor identifies demographic changes, lifestyle changes, changes in family life and ethnic differences. This links in with the economical factor since when interest rates are large, people's lifestyles will change to be able to accommodate intended for the higher prices. This means that luxuries such as Thorntons chocolates may have to be minimize which in...



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