texting and driving

п»їNaomi Lunkuse

Amanda Manley

English 111


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Texting and driving      Every second an eye is retained off the road anything drastic can happen. For a long time texting and traveling has been mentioned among the general public. It has been discovered to be increasing with extremely harsh effects. Many families have lost themselves to sending text messages and driving and wish you are not amongst and never will be. This issue has brought national interest in the past and still does on a daily basis. We know that phones are necessary, when it comes to with them while driving a car it has been terrible. You would imagine maybe we have to go back to the old days when ever phones were only inside the building or booths.  But again texting has made your life much easier in communicating and we all know that, problem remains why is it making life hard, miserable and catastrophic on the road?            Should we place a big end sign in just saying simply no texting and driving? The driving force is the way to the problem.  Many solutions have already been proposed and have not been successful so far but the battle continues. There are many solutions suggested.  An application can be developed that disables the driver's text messaging on the phone to be able to stop the driver from acquiring or sending text messages. We have viewed movements by AT& Big t emphasizing that " sending text messages can hold out, asking visitors to be supporters helping spread the dangers of texting and driving and also” which can be promising. In cases like this the driver makes a decision to turn on the driving method on the phone which will automatically hinders the phone via sending and becoming texts.                   Hefty fines can be given to violators. Drivers may learn to not text if perhaps they know the dimensions of the outcomes honestly huge aigu? are arriving their approach. Drivers specifically teenagers must be subjected to rigorous driver's education on this issue. Teenagers should know the dangers of driving and texting....



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