Summer Camp Counselor

Research Pitch

The research pitch that I picked for this program is what the summertime camp counselor's role is perfect for the campers, and for the camp. How does the counselor's role impact the experience for the campers? What is the very best advice a counselor can take in to make the camp encounter better. Perform campers believe that their counselor is more a friend, or there to babysit? I feel these questions are a good start to the research I will be undertaking. There are also a whole lot of subwoofer questions that can come from these types of questions that is to be asked such as why the role of the counselor is actually it is, carry out campers generally take the guidance given to these people and have camps been improving or even worse because of this guidance, and why do the travelers feel this way about their advisors?

I am attempting to make use of interviews, declaration, and the internet to answer these questions I use posted above. One of my personal best friends growing up is definitely actual mixed up in summer camp organization. His name can be Jacob Tesmer, and his dad, Robert, runs a week extended summer camp called " Buckeye Camp”. This can be a local camp located at Buckeye Lake, that the two Jacob and his sister, Lauren, work out with their father. I am asking these people questions within an interview regarding the part of being a counselor. Since both John and Lauren attended the camp, I will be able to get both the perspective of the counselor, and the van. I will ask them how they procedure the counselor role, and exactly how the type of counselor varies. As well, I will request if they will felt in case their counselors through the years acted more as a camper's friend, or maybe as a person in charge. I will ask Robert, the leader of the camp, what advice he gives his counselors to guarantee the best camp experience pertaining to the journeymen. I will likewise ask him what role he seems the camp counselor should certainly play in the camp role. If the counselor end up being very engaged, or should they let the travelers have more independence to do things how they make sure you? I will question Robert what tactics he uses to show his...



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