Stakeholder Management


All of the celebrities involved in the sustainability management procedure is stakeholder, it is a technique of distinguishing involving the main groups towards which will companies will vary kinds of work: in particular, investors, customers, consumers and staff.

Effective stakeholder management while essential to the survival and prosperity of the enterprise.

On the broadest level, stakeholders will be individuals, teams, or entities(natural environment) that claim privileges or hobbies in a firm and in its past, present, and long term activities.

There is two kind of stakeholder: primary and secondary.

Principal stakeholders will be those with no whose engagement a company cannot survive(e. g. Investors, staff, suppliers, customers and the governments and communities that provide facilities and markets. ) Second stakeholders will be those that influence the company and/or affected by it, but who have are not necessary to its success, although they might be able to help or perhaps harm the company(e. g. The mass media, terrorists). Nevertheless , the benefit of main stakeholders will be more important compared to the benefits of extra stakeholders, sometimes, the pursuits of primary stakeholders are pursued at the expense of the people that are extra. (e. g. Taking a money-losing product sold to poor residential areas off the industry. )

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General market






Pets or animals

The wider world

Stakeholder Management

Essentiallyжњ¬иґЁдёЉзљ„; working together

This is about the mechanisms机制 that identify and bring stakeholders together As well as the processes过程 required to manage just how stakeholders come together


Ideallyзђ†жѓіењ° a democraticж°‘дё»зљ„ process

Analysis beforehand事先, and on-going继续

Equitableе…¬е№ізљ„ representationд»ЈиЎЁ

High degrees of involvementеЊ…еђ« in decision making procedure

Opportunities to talk about knowledge, concepts, and opinions

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