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Instructions: You will explore information and complete tasks based on Shakespeare's life and work. You have six activities to total. To begin, open a new Word Document and ‘Save As' the filename: Your Name. William shakespeare (for model: Bruno Roter planet (umgangssprachlich). Shakespeare, or Nicky Minaj. Shakespeare). Full your MLA headings (Your Name, Teacher's Name, English language 9N/S/M, Date) and don't forget to include the header with your last name and the site number. Your Title will probably be " Bill Shakespeare”. As mentioned, you have 6 activities, and therefore have six subheadings. You can find these subheadings in purple below. Your subheadings should certainly match those below—but they do not have to be purple. You must total each activity in finish sentences plus your own words! After completing the assignments, you really should double check you did everything necessary making use of this checklist: 
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Guidelines: Press Control and click on the blue text above. Examine all about Shakespeare. Write a paragraph (about 150-200 words) about the Brancard that includes the answers to the following concerns. It might be least complicated to collect the answers and after that organize the paragraph following having them. The answers to questions must not be order, but your paragraph ought to be organized and use transitions (also, after that, therefore , after that, in addition , finally, etc). В

What time do we consider to be Shakespeare's day of birth and just how do we know it? What college and what university performed Shakespeare enroll in?

Who would Shakespeare get married to, and how a large number of children would he have? What tragic family event occurred about the same period as his writing of Romeo &...



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