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… a good transform is unavoidable


1 . Ananda mayo bhasayat (Vedanta sutra), by nature everybody is a enjoyment seeker. It includes everyone, most species, all 2 . Meaning of anand " Yovai bhuma tat sukham” which is 1) unlimited in nature and 2) remains forever. MH is limited and temporary. several. Maslo pecking order needs depending on the concept of happiness. 4. Delight is of two styles 1 . Materials happiness 2 . Spiritual pleasure. 5. MH, is all about ingesting, sleeping, intimate relationships and Guarding. (that as well with struggle), try nevertheless don't weep. 6. All 8. some million species are running after it. Pleasure of the sensory faculties. EX. garlanding a venomous snake for this coolness, feelings are like snakes, their satisfaction is harmful in along run. six. MH is founded on the the influence of the 3 settings of material mother nature. 8. Enjoyment of being in ignorance – intoxication, sleep, cheating, taking, harming others a. Depending on charvak viewpoint, eat drik and be cheerful, no lifestyle afterwards 9. Pleasure of being in enthusiasm – accomplishment, winning, influence, power, dreams, familyetc. 12. Pleasure of being in benefits – satisfaction, responsibility, serenity, philanthrophy 11. MH can be mixed with pain, competition, and temporary, disappointment, stressful, limited and not ensures the fulfillment. Ex. Arjuna thought fight will not make him completely happy in anyway, EX. MH is Comparison, doctor is definitely happy while you will be in soreness, SH is usually real happiness. 12. MH is like mrig trishna, MH will come alone as miseries come(1. five. 18), MH is like a drop in an ocean, it may hardly gratify us(great agreement but zero happiness six. 9. 43) 13. YOU WILL NEED or transcendental happiness features two types 1 Brahmananda 2 Premanamda 18. SH is concerned with the important nature from the soul, joy of the heart 15. Comparison happiness of 14 planetary systems, high-quality material delight lies resulting from Vedic yajnas. 16. Search for happiness wherever it is situated. Ex. search the key exactly where it fell. 17. Types of great people sufferings... Md. Ali, Christopher Reed(Superman), Sophie Hawkins 18. Ocean of birth, disease, old age and death, wherever is the question of delight 19. several miseries, adi devik(higher capabilities, devas), adibhautik(other jivas), and adhytmik(mind and soul) 20. People get pleasure in hiding point, make ups, fashions, ones should solve the problem rather than hide this Ex. Fish out of water can not be happy 21. Happiness lies in offering, but whom? Ans: Best lord, factually happiness is based on obeying the lord. Act in accordance to outstanding advice pertaining to higher pleasure. 22. Happiness is with Krishna. You can take that by power, can't grab it, can ask (cry) for it.

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… a good transform is inevitable

Search for delight and the total universe

Every living animals are making a fantastic endeavor, struggling, to attain genuine everlasting pleasure. However , since the Vedas explain, worldly things simply cannot give us joy. Regardless of the situation a person may maintain, he or she continues to be unfulfilled. Whether or not one is rich, young, fabulous, educated, famous and powerfulk, he nonetheless looks for a thing more to create him content. Even the presidents and prime ministers of great nations stay unsatisfied. During history it is often revealed that abundant and effective persons, just like Napoleon plus the kings and queens of England, France and Germany, were deeply unhappy in spite of their seemingly advantageous positions. In modern times, we can see this inside the lives of Princess Diana and Invoice Clinton, mention just a few. The little pleasure we acquire in this world is definitely momentary and mixed with struggling. It is not continuous and timeless, nor is it complete and pure. From your lowest material planet towards the highest, there are several types of misery with no real endless happiness. Zero soul identifying with a materials body could be happy. This kind of human life is meant for locating a way out of the prison of this body, which can be destined to grow old and die. All of us...



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