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Electric power, D. J. Decision Support Systems Hyperbook. Cedar Comes, IA: DSSResources. COM, HTML CODE version, 2000, accessed about (today's date) at WEB ADDRESS http://dssresources. com/subscriber/password/dssbookhypertext.

Chapter two

Gaining Competitive Advantage with DSS


In many agencies, managers and MIS specialists have worked collectively to create important transaction-oriented ideal information devices. These details systems have substantially improved the processing of business ventures. In some businesses, the seek out other tactical technology options remains aimed at enhancing business transaction control. This give attention to operations is too narrow. Even though business orders can require managerial decision-making, redesigning a transaction control system makes advantages which can be very different coming from those that can result from building an innovative Decision Support Program. DSS fulfill a different want and serve a different goal. Managers need to recognize that proper decision support applications provides substantial chances for concentrating on sales efforts and bettering profits. Information technology is creating new DSS capabilities that can and should be used to build impressive, specific Decision Support Systems that yield competitive advantage for an organization. You could be asking: May a Decision Support System genuinely provide a competitive advantage into a business? Yes, a DSS can be a strategic information system and a unique Decision Support System can create a competitive edge. Managers have to know when, just how and for what reason DSS happen to be and can be competitive weapons. Proof indicates managers can now work with sophisticated Data-Driven and Document-Driven DSS to acquire information that was buried for many years in filing cabinets or perhaps archived on computer tapes. Model-Driven DSS can decrease waste in production businesses and improve inventory supervision. Knowledge-Driven DSS can analyze cash register transaction data that help managers find relations in consumer buying behavior that increases revenue and inventory turnover. Group decision support systems and Communications-Driven DSS can support groups working all over the world. Inter-Organizational DSS can support a company's suppliers and clients. An Inter-Organizational DSS can reduce stock-outs and products on hand carrying costs, and improve the number of content customers. This chapter supplies additional types of how different kinds of Decision Support Devices can boost and increase managerial decision making processes and give an organization with a competitive edge. The major areas discuss technology trends, gaining competitive benefits, how DSS can provide a competitive edge, examples of Proper DSS, qualities of Strategic Decision Support Systems, figuring out opportunities and Information Systems planning, and DSS risks and rewards.

Technology Tendencies

Computers are getting to be indispensable equipment in corporations, government office buildings and in the majority of organizations. For many managers computers are acknowledged and recognized as necessary productivity tools. Despite the general and widespread popularity of computer systems and their natural part in organizations, the business computer revolution is usually far from finish. If anything, the speed of technology change is definitely speeding up, not slowing down plus the expectations intended for computers and information devices in businesses continues to increase and develop. So what would be the trends associated with information technology which may have a serious impact on the design and progress Decision Support Systems? For me: 1 . The World-Wide Net is driving the affluence of main media just like newspapers, electronic information providers and tv. Having a Internet site and an E-mail addresses is common and in many cases necessary for firms and persons. But the World wide web is much more and it is strategically vital that you companies. The internet supports external and internal...

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