Things Fall Apart and Chapter

Items Fall Apart

Component One

Part One

1 . Page #______ List several physical features that individual Okonkwo's presence from that of the other men in the village.

installment payments on your Page #______ How would Okonkwo deliver honor to his village as a young man?

3. Page #______ What other accomplishments make him an important gentleman?

4. Site #______ How come Okonkwo do not patience together with his own father, Unoka?

a few. Page #______ What good qualities does Unoka have, that his boy fails to appreciate?

Chapter Two

1 . Webpage #______ How exactly does Okonkwo reaffirm his success as a warrior to the people of his village?

2 . Site #______ What is the " normal span of action” if a member of a neighboring group murders one of the Ibo?

a few. Page #______ How does the oracle of the hills and the cave avoid the powerful Umuofia from likely to war with the neighbors?

4. Page #______ Why does Okonkwo behave as a cruel gentleman when, " perhaps straight down in his cardiovascular system Okonkwo is definitely not a cruel man” (13)?

5. Webpage #______ In short , describe the physical layout of Okonkwo's compound.

6th. Page #______ What does the visitor know about Ikemefuna's fate by the end of the second chapter? What literary term is employed?

Section Three

1 ) Page #______ Describe the entrance towards the shrine named Agbala.

2 . Page #______ How does a worshipper obtain a message through the gods?

3. Page #______ What is a chihuahua?

4. Webpage #______ Explain the custom made of wine sharing offered in this section.

5. Page #______ Why does Okonkwo certainly not listen to his father's phrases?

6. Web page #______ List the plants that the women are responsible to get in the Ibo clan.

Section Four

1 ) Page #______ What are Ikemefuna's special abilities that make him popular with Nwoye?

2 . Page #______ What is the importance with the week of peace towards the Ibo group?

3. Page #______ Before how would the clan punish a man for smashing the peace?

four. Page #______ What is Okonkwo's punishment?

your five. Page #______ What phrase in this chapter indicates that Nwoye's life is greatly motivated by Ikemefuna's presence within their household?

Part Five

1 . Page #______ Why is Ani the most important deity in the lives of the Ibo people? What is the New Yam Festival?

2 . Page #______ What account is always informed at the Fresh Yam Event? Why is it among the a tale?

3. Site #______ About what ways do you think Okonkwo's second wife the two respects and dislikes her husband?

4. Page #______ What is the purpose of the drums beating the day of the Fresh Yam Celebration?

5. Page #______ What might these kinds of drums symbolize?

6. Site #______ What does Okonkwo say to criticize his daughter Ezinma, even though this individual really is attached to her?

several. Page #______ Why do you consider he is therefore harsh?

Section Six

1 . Page #______ Why do you think Ezinma's mother says for the priestess " Perhaps she gets come to stay”?

Part Seven

1 . Page #______ How is the Nwoye improved after Ikemefuna's arrival?

2 . Page #______ What suggestions does Ezeudu give to Okonkwo regarding Ikemefuna's Death?

3. Page #______ Why does Okonkwo kill Ikemefuna?

4. Site #______ How can this action as well destroy his relationship together with his son Nwoye?

Chapter 8-10

1 . Page #______ How does Okonkwo experience his position in Ikemefuna's death?

2 . Page #______ What do we all learn about the position of women inside the Ibo Contemporary society by the death of Ogbuefi Ndulue?

three or more. Page #______ Why is Obierika sometimes sorry he has got the title of ozo?

5. Page #______ How is usually Akueke's bride price completed?

5. Webpage #______ What do the Ibo people think about white males in general?

six. Page #______ What other evidence has right now there...



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