Physics Design IA

Practical Investigation: The straightforward Pendulum


The period of a pendulum is the coming back one total swing. The equation intended for the period of the pendulum is definitely;


To review the factors which impact the period of vacillation of a basic pendulum.


-Stand & Clamp -1 M Ruler -Pendulum Bob -Nylon String -Stopwatch


1) Determine the result on the period (T) of the pendulum when the mass (m) of the joe is modified. Set up the pendulum having a 20 cm length of line (L) in order that the bob shiifts near a backboard. Take the bob 6 centimeter to one aspect (the amplitude), then discharge it so that it swings seite an seite to the board. Another observer should make use of a stopwatch to measure the coming back 20 finish swings. 1 swing is the time the bob usually takes to go out from the release location and returning. Repeat this procedure using three other bobs of different world. In each case utilize the same length of string and amplitude. Enter in your brings about Table A.

2) Determine the effect within the period of the pendulum when the amplitude is altered as well as the mass plus the length of thread are held constant. Gauge the time for twenty complete ups and downs when the greg is given a great amplitude of 4 cm, 6 centimeter, 8 centimeter, and 15 cm correspondingly.

Enter your results in table M.

3) Decide the effect for the period of the pendulum when the length of chain is altered. Keep the mass of the greg constant, and give the frank the same exuberance of 6th cm in each case, but replace the length of the chain so that results are obtained intended for lengths of 10 cm, 20 cm, 30 centimeter, and forty five cm.

Enter the results in desk C.


Table A

Length = 20 centimeter, amplitude = 6 centimeter

Trendline: sumado a = -0. 0005x + 1 . 3666 Max Slope Trendline: sumado a = -0. 000465x + 1 . 343

Min Incline Trendline: y = -0. 000535000000000001x & 1 . 357

Table M

Length = 20 cm, mass of bob regular (200g)

Trendline: y sama dengan 1 . 3

Max Incline Trendline: y = zero. 00140000000000002x & 1 . 2902 Min Slope Trendline: sumado a = -0. 00100000000000002x + 1 . 307

Table C

Mass of greg constant (200g), amplitude of swing sama dengan 6 cm Length Of Thread (+11. 5cm for pendulum)

Time For 20 swings

Length of Motion

31. 5 cm

41. your five cm

51. 5 centimeter

61. your five cm

22. 1 t

24. 7 s

28. 3 h

30. 6 s

1 . 1 s/period

1 . a couple of s/period

1 ) 4 s/period

1 . five s/period

Trendline: y = 0. 014x + zero. 649

Max Slope Trendline: y sama dengan 0. 014x + 0. 647

Minutes Slope Trendline: y sama dengan 0. 013x + zero. 711

Discussion and inquiries:

All the furniture made for the raw data results are non-linearised.

1 . Plot a graph of period (T) against length (L) and period against the sq . root of D. What do these graphs reveal about the relationship between period and duration?

Trendline: con = 0. 014x & 0. 649

Max Slope Trendline: con = 0. 014x & 0. 647 Min Slope Trendline: con = zero. 013x + 0. 711

Method Of Determining Uncertainty:

To linearize a graph, the original formula must be changed to isolate the changing which will identify the ideals for the axis.

Method Of Calculating Uncertainty:

Method for identifying the doubt of a benefit that is square rooted. ∆Q = Q [

What do these kinds of graphs show about the relationship between period and length? The graph is used to get a value that is to be essential to determining the method given. In this case, we can utilize slope from the linearized graph and replacement it in to the...



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