Personal-Response Critique of "the Road Not Taken'

Personal-Response Criticism of " The Road Not Taken'

Robert Frost's " The street Not Taken” incites a private response from the reader to help these groups think vitally of the work. This type of critique allows someone to connect with a literary work. Because Muller and Williams explain, " …critics hold we construct symbolism from whatever we read dependant on our own specific experiences, our cultural qualifications, and the " community” inside which we all operate. ” A reader is able to relate with " The street Not Taken” because Frost includes a very real and relevant concept; life is about choices.

Someone, when 1st reading this composition would be able to conveniently think that this can be just a simply a poem of a man walking in the woods. It is not before the reader extends to the final few lines (specifically lines 17 through twenty) in the last stanza.

" Two tracks diverged within a wood, and I-

I took the one fewer travelled by,

And this has made all the difference. ”

These kinds of final lines open up a different opinion the effort to the visitor and thus, permit the meaning to get known. Since the reader takes time to read again and assessment the poem they will easily be able to view the message regarding life getting full of selections.

In the critical mind with this work, the response from the reader is actually a personal existence experience response and that is how the reader can relate to the poem on its own as a whole. Most readers happen to be human beings and being a person choices are made in everyday routine big or small. Ice also includes a concealed message that is, as a person you could often continue to make similar choices and therefore have a continually repeated and stagnant life. Or you could follow a road not taken and discover a new aspect of life and yourself, however, you need to take that first step.

Relating life to literature is actually a way for individuals to share all their stories and experiences. Robert Frost tells the reader a story about selections in " The Road Not really Taken”. They can tell someone how the man in the hardwoods feels...

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