Sufferers Information System


Subject No . 3

Development of web-based Patients Details System for Barangay Tejeros Health Centre Main Problem:

Considerable time are eating in saving patients details, researching patients name and securing the files. Particular Problems:

1 . Manually saving patient's info takes a long period of time. installment payments on your Time consuming in searching individuals name through their book record. several. File manageability.

4. Privacy of the documents are exposure.

5. Inaccuracy of data documents.

Causes of the issues:

1 . Record cabinets are unlocked.

2 . Some individuals forget their control amount.

3. Several records are not organized.

Effects of the Problems:

1 ) Resulting in inaccurate records.

2 . Unauthorized person may have the data or a copy of data.


Topic No .: 3

I. Specific Topic:

Web-based Individuals Information System for Barangay Tejeros Overall health Center

2. Definition of the subject:

A. Importance and Relevance

The objective of this study is to put into action an information program for the patients of Barangay Tejeros Health Center.

Our motivation for doing this system should be to help Barangay Tejeros Well being Center on their files to get more prepared, lessen the time consumed and secure people information.

M. Manageability:


The individuals information method is a system that permits Barangay Tejeros Health Middle to have an arranged and guaranteed information while conducting medical check-ups of patients.

Who also:

You and beneficiaries of this program will be the Medical staffs, Doctors, and sufferers of Tejeros Health Centre.


The system will be used for each day transaction of Tejeros well being center.


Tejeros health center has their everyday purchase. It is structured by the medical staffs and doctor. They may be using manual recording that triggers time consuming, unorganized and unsecure files that occurs...



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