osmosis lab

Osmosis and Diffusion Laboratory

Introduction: Osmosis occurs the moment different concentrations of water are separated by a selectively permeable membrane layer. Osmosis may be the movement of water throughout selectively permeable membranes.

Purpose: Through this experiment that people performed we will learn about osmosis using dialysis membrane, a selectively permeable cellulose sheet that enables the passage of normal water but blocks passage of larger substances.


My prediction is that increasing sucrose attention will reduce the water potential and result in an increasing hypertonic solution increasing loss of normal water by Osmosis from the cells.

Method/ Procedure:


4 15-cm lengths of dialysis hoses, soaking in dH20

eight 10-cm items of string or perhaps waxed dental care floss

diamond ring stand and funnel apparatus

25-mL graduated cylinder

four small string tags

china and tiawan marker

several 400- mL beakers

-source of dH2O

-15% and 30% sucrose solutions


Procedure: Attain 4 of dialysis hoses, presoaked in dH2O. We then fold over 1 end of each tube and tie with string. We then take those graduated tube and measure each material into the luggage: Bag 1- 10 cubic centimeters of dH20

Bag 2- 10 mL of 15% Sucrose

Tote 3- 10mL of thirty percent Sucrose

Tote 4- 10 mL of dH20

2) Following this method, we is going to rinse each filled tote in the dishpan containing the dH20, and remove excess water. We will then consider each carrier to the nearby. 5 g and record the weights inside our table.

3) Next, we will amount four four hundred mL beakers with a chinese suppliers marker through adding 200 mL of dH20 to beakers 1-3.

4)We is going to add 2 hundred mL of 30% sucrose solution to beaker 4.

5) Next we will place every single bag to its related beaker, plus the final bag to the thirty percent sucrose beaker. 6) We will let it stay there pertaining to 15 minutes. After that we eliminate the bags coming from each beaker and record the weights of every bag. 7)Repeat those steps for each handbag until period reaches 60 minutes.




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