Oliver trading

The business aim of Oliver Trading Ltd is usually to sell a range of quality stationery and business equipment.

Our Background

Oliver Trading is based in New Farmville farm, a region of Brisbane, Queensland, and sells a variety of top quality stationery and business equipment.

Our organisation was established 10 years ago by simply John Hayden and Kathy Collins to service the needs of small businesses in the Brisbane location. As they are linked to a number of business ventures, John and Kathy employ a General Director to manage organization operations by Oliver Trading. Rebecca Langer is the current General Administrator.

The initial achievement of our organisation encouraged Ruben and Kathy to expand the product selection and syndication network in order that a larger range of customer needs could be met. Larger premises were required for this kind of expansion and our company moved to a new building in New Farmville farm five yrs ago. John and Kathy are interested in further organization expansion and are reliant on the General Administrator and Department Managers/Supervisors to distinguish ways in which this is achieved.

In the last five years, we have prolonged our division network to all or any areas of Queensland. Deliveries in the Brisbane areas are made through the warehouse yet those to provincial and country areas are organised through impartial trucking firms.

Our focus is upon selling superior quality stationery at competitive prices. We believe in fostering buyer relationships by giving superior customer care. We achieve this by having a system of plans and types of procedures to ensure a consistent response to consumer needs



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