Call Center: Characters and Scenes

Call center


Mr. Razib; The employer, is a middle aged bald headed man with loose character. He is very much fragile to ladies specially to girls.

Pritom; caller – 1; a young guy, very disturbing son, unnecessary mystery caller.

Mishu; Unknown caller – a couple of; A boy with clean persona, very serious in just about any matter.

Nawsin; caller- three or more; A young lady with lovely voice, very fond of kids and always wants to talk with kids.

Marjia; Recipient -1; An extremely weak hearted girl and incredibly sensitive also.

Prome; Receiver-2; A girl with loose character and very clever. She always tries to lead astray, misdirect the youthful caller and get fun with these people.

Ibrahim; Reciver – three or more; A very significant and active to his duty, incredibly obedient to his manager.

Lily; The girl friend of Auttem, often tries to bother auttem, even though he is occupied.

The field; ( All of the three receivers are sitting in the office, the boss offering instruction and information, suggestion not to spend time to pointless call ).


Unknown caller; 1( Will call – to the center and claim something, making fun).

Marjia: ( with soft voice) Hello, Pardon me, I'm Marjia speaking, How to help you,

Nawsin: - I possess got a fantastic problem miss.... i aren't change my own package.

Marjia: which package are u using at this point madam?

Nawsin: now i'm utilizing your..................... package. Nevertheless i want to active ‘sara raat free' deal.

Marjia: Alright, don't get worried madam. Make sure you go to your message option and type ‘Pecha'and mail it 0. 0007 num. Nawsin: ohhh... thank u so much miss...

Marjia: delight madam. Our company is here twenty-five hours for your service mam. Thank you for the co-operation.

End of scene 1 Device; 1 – What can I do for u?, u yourself can easily solve this kind of, u l a boy, u whether response or danger them ----……….. etc .

Mystery caller; 1: - ma--- dam, I feel extremely problem ma--- dam-----.

Recipient; 1 – The problems in urs, silly! ( Cut the phone)

Another phoning.


Pritom: (angry)Is that customer service center?

Ibrahim: yes sir. How can i help you?

Pritom: my mobile phone is off and very often. and can't obtain proper network. You are can't give me proper services.

Ibrahim: sir, we are attempting hardly to offer you good service. but some technical problame hamperd our support. Pritom: hi there... hello... we can't notice you evidently....

Ibrahim: -sir, outside the breeze is coming strongly... soooooo

pritom; Nevertheless u may do something.

(Now Lily will certainly phone to Ibrahim)

Ibrahim: wait one minute sir. We am getting your problame. please keep up a correspondence some time with us. Ibrahim pick the Lily's phone

Lily: Hi dear..... how are you? What are you performing?

Ibrahim: hi honey... myself is in business office now. Therefore you know very well what i'm doing in office. Exactly what you performing? Lily: now i'm at parlour honey.

Ibrahim: ok.. alright... please take good make-up. and please give me to concentrate to my work. Lily: What?????? Why are you talking like this? you discuss.... it's not your duty.... Okay fine... i will teach you What's your duty....... byeee Ibrahim: hello there... helloo... darling... please.....

( Lily cut the phone)

Ibrahim; I'm sorroy, I am just not auto technician, u see it with specialist in our customer satisfaction. Good working day sir. (disconnect Pritom's phone)

End of scene -2

Scene -3

Mishu phone customer service..........

Prome: shuvo shokal sir, how to help you?

Mishu: yea.. i want a support...

Prome: what type of help sir?

Mishu: i can't deactive my fnf number...... is actually my sweetheart num. we break up with her yesterday evening. soooooo i wish to change it now.

Prome: zero probleme friend, go to the message choice.. type separation space the G. Farrenheit num. and send it 420 num e.

Mishu: ohhh.. thank you miss. precisely your name miss?...



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