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There have been many studies on the elements that make a great leader. Most people have their own idea of what makes a great leader. There are lots of theories of leadership. Three common things among all hypotheses is that there should be a leader with least 1 follower, leadership provokes fans to voluntarily act on the leaders part, and management results in purposeful behavior through the follower.

Trait theory or wonderful man theory assumes that great frontrunners are created, not made. It says that great leaders is going to rise when ever confronted with the right situation. In addition, it states that just a man offers this ability. This was analyzed and experts had a difficult experience pinning down the traits that composed a leader. This was not a precise science and did not enable outside elements to determine the quantity of command effectiveness.

Skill theory states that learned expertise and acquired skills are definitely the major factors in creating an effective innovator. This theory does permit inherited traits as a aspect in becoming a wonderful leader yet argues that learned abilities, style, and knowledge will be the more important factors. This theory is the catalyst behind management training programs that are frequent in today's businesses.

Situational theory says that situation determines the style of leader that is needed. It will require the way that a innovator has to adapt to the circumstances which have been put in entrance of them. The leader must be in a position to determine if they must be a directive or supportive...




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