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Does is that he wanted to really change that its spring area, comfortable furniture and prepared with family, within a desert in which could have been, it is true, climb in all directions without the slightest obstacle, but which had, as well, forgotten quickly and totally on its past human condition? FRANZ Kafka

, The Metamorphosis


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Helena was depilandose legs inside the bathroom when the phone rang and knowledgeable him that his mom had only died. She looked at the time and instinctively sought to maintain the time inside the head; the six . 5 in the afternoon. Although the days had begun to extend, it was almost dark by the a result of some atmosphere that in the middle of the evening had been inserting in the form of the roof on the town. The best time with the afternoon to leave this world, he thought fuck the phone while I believed her partner that, in the other side of the collection, trying to work and loving at the same time. -I pass to pick you up, he said, and we intend together to the hospital. Your brother is there. -- What about my own sister? -Wonder - who have warns one to my sibling? -I only talked to her husband and they'll come a similar night in a plane that leaves at ten in Barcelona. No longer worry about the practical concerns. Tell and waits to go by generally there. Elena hung up the phone and sat within the sofa to digest the news; with the right side was which makes them pull away the scabs of wax that toughened their leg matching to the side with the body, when his eyes wandered about by the wall surfaces of the space without enroll anything of what they saw. When he returned to the bathroom, the wax was stiffened up, in order that he retired to plucking the still left leg. Taken out the gown and went within shower ready that recommended a certain confusion, but they by no means came to moaping. It appeared as well affirmed an old idea according where the loss of life of his mother, because it were to happen, would be a bureaucratic process, a paperwork that could punish something past, since his mother to Helena was useless for a long time. Elected dark stockings for that uptick is certainly not wearing a lower leg without slice and put over a somewhat attention grabbing underwear prior to denying itself the duel that was trying to communicate the darker suit clothes rescued through the depths in the closet. Favored not allowed put on makeup or perhaps freshen the eyes, yet is under the hair on the nape and detailing the mane. I desired to convey certainly not desolation, but the untidiness that could be attributed to the frenzy to leave the house once the information was well-known. I question if given a touch of carmine in the lips, but finally decided that, as he have been was quite beautiful, even though it was a beauty in decay in which had previously spent forty-three years, forty-three years that they had not been successful in doing damage to the brightness of your eyes or correct the defiant gesture of his lips. It is turned her skirts to accentuate the sense of urgency and returned towards the lounge, where a porro chaos that he smoked beside the window considering the amplitude of the lumination. He lived in a high ground of the northern zone of Madrid, coming from where it is perceived

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An urban landscape that seemed to transform shape depending on to- leading personalities of the months. It was now Feb . and had darkened, so that the buildings, with the signals on the lit windows, asked us towards the recollection. Thought in Mercedes, her daughter, and this individual suppressed the impulse to telefonearla, since i thought it would already be responsible for this kind of her partner. When I flipped the Petardo, tried to create a brilliant believed or tragic, suitable towards the loss that they can had suffered, but not took place to him nothing. The death of his mom, it looked like more than a conference, a simple simple fact chained for the sequence of the days and in many cases without the capability to be a break or a win over...



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