Kurt Geiger Footwear a couple of

Kurt Geiger Footwear.

Kurt Geiger is definitely an American-owned niche-market shoes retailer that operates a mix of its own stores and credits within shops in a number of countries. The Kurt Geiger eye-sight is to be the ‘world's leading multi-channel store of high-class branded shoes or boots and accessories'. Since first opening the doors in 1963, Kurt Geiger is becoming Europe's leading authority on designer shoes or boots with more than 65 Kurt Geiger retailers worldwide, 75 concessions within the UK and Europe's top rated department stores. Kurt Geiger offers more than 5 hundred million pairs of shoes each year through luxurious and high quality UK malls including Harrods, Selfridges, House of Fraser and Steve Lewis, and through its brand retailers and through international concessions and from suppliers. It is the most significant specialist high-class operator in Europe which is the 6th largest shoes retailer simply by revenues in the united kingdom. Geographic

Kurt Geiger formerly first targeted their products in the British marketplace, within town centres, wherever it is busier and more economically stable. Then they went world-wide, and had not been only aimed towards at cities. They are now intending to be beginning stores in Russia, Turkey and Malaysia over the subsequent five years, which will start to see the number of Kurt Geiger limbs outside the UK almost three-way from nineteen to 50 worldwide simply by 2016.


Kurt Geiger is more targeted to teens and middle outdated women, I believe this as to their pumps being excessive and I can't see older women putting them on. The products are more geared towards middle to upper class people, with their goods being more costly compared to high street brands ect. Psychographic

Kurt Geiger as being a footwear product obviously comes in all different shapes, styles and sizes. And everyone has their own diverse style, which means this means certainly not everyone can always be loyal and always chose Kurt Geiger sneakers to purchase. Kurt Geiger sneakers are mostly put on for events like celebrations...




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