Islamic Unit Trust

The second International Islamic Financial Market segments Conference, Bahrain


Shahrin Shaikh Mohd Securities Percentage, Malaysia 19 June 2007

Malaysian Unit Trusts Industry - In which we are snabel-a 31 Drive 2007

Total Number of Operators Total Number of Unit Concentration Total Net Asset Value Bursa Malaysia Market Capitalisation % of NAV to Bursa Malaysia Market Capitalization No . of Unitholder Accounts

36 414 USD38. thirty four bn USD281. 46 billion 13. 62% 11. several million

Count of Islamic Unit Societe Total Net Asset Value of Islamic Unit Societe % of NAV to Bursa Malaysia Market Capitalization

98 USD2. 80 bn 0. 99%


Regarding Malaysian Islamic Unit Concentration


435.00 400 350

No of Funds 324


Industr y Total

300 two hundred fifity 200 one hundred and fifty 100 40 0


95 65 79

98 Isl ami c Uni t Tr usts






Key Expansion Factors

Tools & Goods Availability of Shariah-compliant stocks, purchases and directories Intermediaries Accessibility to Islamic Broker agents and Wide Distribution Channels Expertise Expenditure management Duty Incentives Govt tax bonuses to promote growth of unit concentration Regulatory Construction Clear guidelines and procedures with respect to Islamic unit societe Education Enhance understanding and general knowing of unit concentration 4

Regulating Approach

Investments Commission switches into 2 tier regulation pertaining to Islamic device trusts 1st tier – regulation that applies to most unit trusts 2nd i. ii. 3. tier – additional legislation required for Islamic unit societe Appointment of Shariah Committee / Exhortatory Board as well as Adviser Session of 2 Muslim Investment Panel Member Scheduled appointment of a selected compliance expert for Islamic unit trusts iv. Improved disclosures in offering paperwork v. Reviews by Shariah Committee / Advisory Plank / Adviser in twelve-monthly and temporary reports to unitholders.

a few

Recent Developments


Traders of regular unit cartouche shifting their very own investments into Islamic device trusts...



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