Introduction to Computing: Job

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Introduction to Calculating - Program Code: CSCS1514


Announcement Time: 6th January, 2014

Submission Date: 11th January, 2014

Submission Guidelines:

Hard copy shall be submitted.

Usually do not bind the assignment, just staple all of them.

Test will probably be conducted in class from the task questions for evaluation. In the event of plagiarism, both the students will get ZERO.

Past due submissions will NOT be accepted in fact.

1 . Compose either a C++ program to perform the following: Inquire the user to insight a series of amounts; all quantities are to be among 1 and 6 (as if rolling a die). Your software must count the number of times each quantity is moved into. If a amount greater than 6 is entered, the program must print a blunder message intended for the user. When a number below 1 is definitely entered, this program should end asking for more numbers. Towards the end, the program must print out the number of times each number was entered and also print an example probability. Such as:

Number a few: Entered three times out of 12: Regularity = 0. 25

installment payments on your Write a system (C++) which will asks you enter beliefs for hours, hourly wage and tax price for multiple employees 1 by 1. Compute the gross salary and net wage. Print out all beliefs out. The program should carry on and do this before the user goes in a -1 for the hours. It may print a basic " simply no data entered” message in the event the user goes in -1 because the initially input.

several. Write programs to print the 1st ten integers, their squares and their de. You may use C++. The first system should use a for-loop as well as the second software should make use of a while-loop.

some. Write Excellent Number Series program. Consider start and end of series via user. After Displaying series ask end user do u want to build another series, if yes after that generate an additional series. Perform this task right up until user says no .

Be aware: Write the program 3 times. Applying For Cycle, While Loop and Do-While Loop 5. Write a program that will have a base number 'x' via user...



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