Innovative Procedures in Education

A Study of the Impressive educational techniques in educational institutions


The word ‘innovation' is derived from Latin word ‘innovare', this means " to alter something to new”. Basically, we may declare ‘innovation' means changing the standard way of doing things and involves performing the regular points in a novel way. The role of a teacher in present circumstance has remarkably changed as a result of various factors such as sociable, cultural, economic and technology developments throughout the world. " Professors in today's time must be progressive, imaginative, and resourceful and possess thorough understanding of the subject and adopt fresh techniques to educate innovatively. ” J. Krishnamurthy1 Teaching, in the KRISHNAMURTHI BASIS INDIA (KFI) schools as opposed to other frequent schools was said to be " different” and therefore the specialist picked up these schools to study what and how " innovatively” the students happen to be taught. KFI schools arrive under the genre of " alternative educational institutions. ” " An alternative institution is a great educational setting designed to allow for educational, behavioral, and/or medical needs of youngsters and children that cannot be adequately dealt with in a classic school environment. ”2 Its one of a kind features will be as follows:

•Alternative schools have a small number of learners, maximum 200 in the complete school. •Not more than 15-25 kids within a class

•Children are allowed to learn the basic abilities of writing and reading at their own pace. •There is little or no internal structure in alternative schools. •Excellent teacher student relationship.

•Family atmosphere

•There is usually an inherent soul of assistance with personal discipline. •Uniqueness of each child is nurtured.

•The ambience is essentially fluid and casual. •There is not a uniform.

" KFI educational institutions are not almost transference of ideas or perhaps facts in books, nevertheless is also regarding feeling the entire world, watching the sunset, hearing the parrots, seeing the colours from the leaves enhancements made on the different conditions and watching nature in its many colours, forms and designs, in reality and this has formed the entire structure of the university based on the ideology of Jiddu Krishnamurthy. ”3 Strategy of the Research

•Normative review along with participant statement was used in the present research as it was a qualitative research. •Qualitative research tries out the ‘why', not the ‘how' in the topic. 3( Yang. Watts. E, 1997) Data Collection Tools

Actual visit to the school and interaction with the teacher, students and rules of sciene through interview and set of questions techniques and actual participation in school activities. The tools employed were: •Interview

•Participant Observation

•Document research

Learning the KFI way……… a few insights

Is not only about concluding the content but also regarding understanding the articles; with this kind of core understanding every teacher at the institution determines to use innovative teaching practices in classroom teaching. The term " innovative” is utilized to describe the combination of the three teaching techniques in these universities •Student focused pedagogy

• Taking the learning beyond the classroom

•Giving importance to personal relationships in addition to the academic topic. These learning environments make an effort to cultivate a feeling of community and belonging, and qualities of safety, value, caring, and even love amongst the students. The definition of " innovative” in the framework of this exploration describes combining these techniques with technology i. electronic use of ICT( information interaction technology ) in class place teaching. Student-centered pedagogy includes practices training and learning that are project-based, collaborative, create knowledge-building, require self-regulation and assessment, and are also both personal (allowing intended for student decision and relevance to the individual student) and also individualized (allowing students to work at...

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