About what Ways Will Mariama Purse Use the Man Characters in Scarlet Track as a great Influence on Ousmane's Relationship with Mireille?

In Scarlet Song by simply Mariama Ba, the male protagonist Ousmane Gueye is considerably influenced by various guy characters over the book. Mariama Ba intentionally places specific types of characters in Ousmane's life so that his character evolves as the storyplot progresses, in order to keep the reader interested. However , Ousmane will not entirely become influenced by the characters yet instead he comes to conditions with what he understands ideal his situation. The various guy influences identify from one one other as some of those try to encourage and support his relationship with Mireille, while others will not. From the beginning from the book, Djibril Gueye, the daddy of Ousmane, shows his dedication toward his Muslim religion. This plays an important role in how this individual accepts wedding of Ousmane and Mireille. Generally, his faith will keep Djibril's persona the same through the story which indicates the importance of religion and how most of an impact that makes in people's lives. However , Ousmane does not notify his daddy about Mireille until after they are wedded because he believed that his father may not understand because " he was proud of [the] difference” (38) between their own people and white persons. In fact , he previously been unaware of the whole romance " even though Ousmane passed them gifts” (58) coming from her. When ever Ousmane shows to his family the marriage, he determines to tell his father initially because he can be " even more armed against suffering than Yaye Khady. ” (64). Although Djibril was amazed and disappointed, he did not make it very noticeable and instead this individual " was carrying over a monologue consistent with…his piety” (66) and said " 'Since this kind of woman provides embraced Islam, we must simply accept her into the bosom of our relatives. '” (66). The fact that Mireille came into existence Muslim, " his faith made him accept the need of Goodness without a murmur. ” (69). Mariama Ba's use of Djibril's character works well as it is a good example of a person who contains a close romantic relationship with Ousmane, who...

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