Honesty in Politics

" There is not any honesty in politics. ”

800-1000 words

STYLE: Expository

PROMPT: Cartoon 3

TARGET AUDIENCE: Those worried about the consequences of political corruption.

Six years ago I seated in a classroom, pondering an issue which has come of interest all over again. There is no trustworthiness in governmental policies. Being faced with this subject matter brings myself back to one of my remarkable days from back in primary school; voting period intended for the ‘grade fivers and sixers'. There were just heard speeches coming from a group of courageous year 6 students hoping for school captaincy. Most of the season six populace voted for their buddies. It was an easy choice for them. My personal year five self, however , relied around the quality of the speeches to dictate her vote. The person which I got voted ‘no. 1' to get still infuriates me today. She acquired promised to choose our golf ball court in a swimming pool. It never occurred. Which gives me returning to the issue available, that there is simply no honesty in politics. It is difficult to say to what extent this kind of belief is usually valid. Once one is running for a location of power, dishonesty is known as a tempting resource in order to keep one's great image, by least right up until elected. But even when inside the position of power, you will discover situations by which one could nonetheless feel compelled to lay for their personal benefit. However , the honest candidate prevents the risk of requirement, and can draw from this his own positive aspects. Past situations have shown us many samples of varying levels of honesty in politics. Such as the case of my primary vote, experienced I been aware of the downside in her promise, I'd have identified instead intended for the young man who rapped his conversation for us.

Perhaps the most critical period pertaining to an aiming leader will be the days prior to election, when he must keep up appearances. Shown blatantly inside the film Wag The Dog by simply Barry Levison is the hard work behind guarding one's the case image inside the days just before election in order to maintain and gain followers. In the quest to electric power, dishonesty shows up as an...



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