GRE test essay -argument issue

The given debate initially brings up an issue that lots of parents picked up their children when day-care center has already closed. Although the road construction in I-72 was mentioned in the memo, the owner of Happy Sun Happy Moon day-care center ignores several consequences in the construction and recommends asking regulation for those parents who have arrive past due. This disagreement lacks of adequate evidences and reasons for such willpower and thus it may dissatisfy a lot of parents. Consequently , I think the argument needs to be explored more thoroughly which I will explain in the following paragraphs.

The major overlooked assumption is that there are several reasons why parents cannot get their kids promptly. It is possible that they can haven't received any information relating to times and places in the road development. As a result, that they arrive the center late regardless of their early leaving by workplaces. Additionally, the owner shouldn't anticipate father and mother to keep early to be able to pick up youngsters. This requirement is impossible in most careers because departing before closing times could possibly be considered significant misconduct in certain workplaces. Just how can author anticipate parents to accomplish this? For these reasons, the regulation needs to be revised in line with the above ideas.

It is difficult to believe that charging fee via those father and mother would be the most suitable choice to cope with such problem. Several parents are offering for the fees if they really have important sessions. For instance, the parents who will be doctors may experience unexpected emergency cases which will have to spend longer time in their office. In that instances, the service fees is not only a major matter for them to retain their children safe in the centre. To gain this facilitates, if the owner would like every parents to look on time, he will probably have to convince or ask for parents' assistance rather than using charging insurance plan to force them. It can be a security purpose that persuades the parents to come early...



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