Gsm / Gprs Placement Detector


In this task it is suggested to design an embedded program which is used to get tracking and positioning of any automobile by using Global Positioning System (GPS) and Global System To get Mobile Conversation (GSM).

Through this project 8052 microcontroller is employed for interfacing to various components peripherals. The latest design can be an embedded application, that may continuously screen a shifting vehicle and report the status of vehicle on demand. Pertaining to doing so a great 8052 microcontroller is interfaced serially to a GSM Device and GPS Receiver. A GSM modem is used to deliver the position (Latitude and Longitude) of the car from a web-based place. The GPS modem gives various parameters because the output, yet only the NMEA data popping out is read and viewed on to the FLATSCREEN. The same info is sent to the mobile phone at the opposite end from where the position of the vehicle can be demanded. A great EEPROM is utilized to store the data received by GPS receiver.

In order to user interface GSM device and GPS receiver for the controller, a MUX can be used. The design uses RS-232 protocol for dramon communication between your modems and microcontroller.

When a request by user is usually sent to the number at the modem, the system automatically sends a positive return reply to that one mobile suggesting the position in the vehicle.

A plan has been produced which is used to locate the exact placement of the car and also to navigated track of the moving vehicle on Google Map.


The recommended system is used for positioning and navigating the car with a great accuracy of 10m.

The complete location is definitely indicated by means of latitude and longitude combined with exact Sailed track on the search engines map.

The device tracks the place of particular vehicle and sends to users portable in form of data as well as microcontroller. The arrived info, in the form of lat. and longitude is used to discover the vehicle around the Google maps and in addition we can see the output on the LCD.

Block Picture

Figure: Transmitter Block Diagram

Figure: Recipient Block Diagram


1 . Correct Vehicular Setting using a DAB-GSM Hybrid Program The Global Position System (GPS) and the Global Navigation Satellite tv System (GLONASS) are based on a satellite system. Much function has been performed on a non-satellite positioning system using the existing Global Approach to Mobile Sales and marketing communications (GSM) infrastructure. This leads to a GPS-GSM setting system that manufacturers claims to reliably find a mobile phone into resolutions of less than a hundred and twenty-five m [3]. The necessity needed to accomplish such a resolution with a GPS/GSM positioning strategy is to have three GSM foundation stations within a 30 km area. This kind of requirement can be difficult to get especially in rural areas. The effort carried out through this paper can be how to combine Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) transmitters with GSM foundation stations intended for positioning systems. This novel DAB-GSM cross types positioning program can reach an accuracy of forty meters. Very much work has been carried out in the field of terrestrial placing system based on the GSM network. This GPS-GSM positioning system is an affordable alternative to the existing GPS and GLONASS systems. This system can perform a resolution of less than 125m [3]. However in non-urban areas, where the GSM system is rare, this quality can not be attained. This is due to the reality the GPS-GSM system requires three GSM base areas in an area of 30 kilometers to function adequately. The work accomplished in this paper was to look into the methodology of integrating DAB receivers to the GPS-GSM system in order to obtain satisfactory level of resolution in rural areas. This new DAB-GSM hybrid system was mathematically modelled using the OPNET software package. The results show that with such a hybrid system an accuracy and reliability of 45 meters could be reach. This makes such a method suitable for placement in countryside areas, exactly where only the GSM infrastructure is usually not adequate.

2 . Motor vehicle...



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