Global Integrated Marketing Communications - Marks & Spencer in Uk & Uae

Global Built-in Marketing Communications

Signifies & Spencer in UK & UAE

Submitted By: Zhang Qang (MAIM FEB 2010)

Pupil No: 109998494

Module Head: Dixon


An company needs an image, which tasks itself like a responsible and trustworthy that is not only desire for making money yet also places the interest of its buyers as well. In this assignment we will review different aspects of worldwide Integrated Online strategy and each of our focused company will be Signifies & Spencer. We will focus on the IMC procedures and how they will act as area of the organisation's strategic framework. The analysis will consider M& T operations in UK and UAE due to the research reasons and will intricate how is similar to as well as varies in the two environments. Finally, with the release of a cool product line we all will try to include how a new product needs to integrated into the existing total structure and marketing structure of the enterprise.


Table of Material

Part A - Bundled Marketing Communications3

Company Overview4


Objectives and Products4

Marks & Spencer's Included Marketing Communications5

Marks & Spencer in UK6

Signifies & Bradzino in UAE7

Special marketing features intended for UAE7

Commonalities in UK and UAE Marks & Spencer7

Differences in UK and UAE Signifies & Spencer8

Challenges of practicing IMC8

Part –B New Product Plan9


Business Plan10

Budget and Gantt chart10


Part A - Included Marketing Communications

" The use of sales and marketing communications – much like anything else, efforts to combine, integrate, and synergise different components of the advertising mix, so to consumers, emails through a various different mechanisms look, audio, and feel alike” (Kitchen et al. 2004: 18). According to Kotler and Armstrong (2008), companies employing IMC approaches " cautiously integrates the many communication channels to provide a clear, steady, and powerful message about the enterprise and its brands” (Kotler and Armstrong 2008). Marketing is usually therefore , the act to build of an organisation's relation using its targeted customers. For any company whose major objective is always to maximise income, needs to have bond of trust and self-confidence with its buyers. An enterprise needs an image, which tasks itself being a responsible and trustworthy which is not only interest in making money yet also areas the interest of its consumers as well. This involves a comprehensive display of truthfulness from most corners of the organisation, all which should present a ‘one voice' meaning to it is recipients that the organisation is definitely committed for the well-being of its clients as much as they wish to make earnings. Marketing is definitely one such tool that an organisation to develop and display their impression, recommending its targeted audience to enter into a relation of trust and mutual fascination.

" There has recently been a trend away from the usage of traditional communications strategies, centered largely upon mass marketing communications, delivering generalised messages, to one based on even more personalised, customer-oriented and technology-driven approaches, called integrated marketing communications” (Fill 2006).

To present the message, an effective marketing communications method is of core importance but there are some pre-requisites attached to that. An enterprise in order to send its marketing communication communication needs to incorporate and align all its corners in one direction. However the single the very first thing is the incorporation of organisation marketing communications having its overall technique. A marketing connection strategy can simply be successful if it's in full integration while using organisation's strategic goals and objectives and exhibit a built-in formalise way, allowing buyers to build a picture of the company as trusted and accountable organisation. Finally the selection of media, which acts...

References: • investing in the environment within stores

• providing good customer service to maintain customers (The Times 75 2010)



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