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Public policy is the critical policy which laws relax, especially insurance plan not yet pronounced in certain rules. Public policies may be controversial every now and then because several laws minimize the privileges we have while citizens including freedom of speech. Once citizens realize that their rights are becoming violated, they then take legal action. Public policy is going to be discussed throughout the paper. A single issue that we as Us citizens need to try and resolve is saving environmental surroundings. The environment needs to be as clean as it can and we should preserve as much as we could, after all is it doesn't place we all live in! Go green can be really straightforward by just undertaking things like taking or turning the sink off when brushing your teeth, but it also may be more complex and you will take action by making use of electric autos or adding solar panels in your home.

Environmental history goes all the way back in when the first people were about this earth. The environment is the adjacent influences of all external factors influencing the life and actions of people, plants, and animals. The environment is promoting over time in lots of ways. The physical impact of humans around the Earth's area, water, atmosphere and biosphere is the biggest way. The other biggest is how humans use mother nature, increasing inhabitants, more effective technology and changing patterns of production and consumption. The planet that we call home has been around to get billions of years. From cavemen to what we certainly have evolved in today, we have been slowly but surely destroying the place all of us call home. Because humans today, we have improved our destruction on the globe and if we all don't do something about it, there might certainly not be a place we get. Environmental laws can be tracked back to regarding 300 in years past. Although the environmental movement did not begin before the early 1970's, the United States Congress created the Rivers and Harbors Act back in the 1800's. This kind of act is made to prevent the pollution of rivers, a necessary first step to protecting natural assets and environmental protection. This law evidently failed since factories and industries all around the world dump in rivers, streams, and oceans. Today, eco warriors and safety groups like the EPA are working on preventing this mainly because polluting normal water can cause serious harm to humans, wildlife, plus the environment (epa. gov).

There are many issues that we as individuals have created pertaining to our environment. One of the issues that we now have created is usually pollution from cars. If the industry produced cars, the quantity of air pollution doubled. Then cars started to become a lot more popular, which means amount of emissions provided into the surroundings grew significantly. More and more people begun to travel spots which triggered an increase of littering. There are Over fifty-one billion pieces of litter arrive at U. S i9000. roadways each year which is six, 729 things per mile (Eyraud). Not only were vehicles contributing to the rise of air pollution on Earth although Factories were. The Industrial revolution was the period in which fundamental changes occurred in agriculture, fabric and metallic manufacture, vehicles, economic guidelines and the interpersonal structure in britain. This period is labeled revolution, it entirely destroyed the old manner of doing things, and individuals went coming from horse and carriage to cars and planes. Factories were functioning overtime and in addition they were creating so much waste. They necessary a place to dump this waste and so the easiest and quickest method was to just dump the toxins in to the oceans, channels, and rivers (Fleming). This caused concerns for animals, humans, as well as the environment.

The federal government realized that issues were beginning to go downhill and it absolutely was time for several changes. There have been many laws that were handed and many businesses were created to help keep the surroundings as clean as possible. 1 organization was called the National Clean Diesel Marketing campaign. This firm builds around the success of regulatory, non-regulatory,...

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