"Frankie and Johnny”: Who's "Zooming” Who?

Laurie Wilson Essential Essay #2

" Frankie and Johnny”: Who's " Zooming” Who?

Traditionally it is often assumed in society that whenever a white woman schedules or cohabitates with a dark-colored man, she is either crazy, a slut, political or unattractive. My mother committed a dark-colored man a few years ago and none from the descriptions over apply to her. So where did all this non-sense stem by anyway? This misconception about white females loving dark men features its beginnings in the fanatical racist concepts that were popular in the slavery era. Since that time, males have invariably been known for the " chase” in courteous society however the poem entitled, " Frankie and Johnny” shows you the exact opposing. White men have always been scared of the dark-colored man running after and getting their particular white ladies but in this kind of work, it's the white female who is obviously doing all the chasing. I came across this poem to be quite disturbing since the African-American author, Pristine A. Dark brown used a lot of the typical stereotypes to describe Frankie, the white colored female. I assume it was not really about stereotyping but likely to focus on placing of the composition. Not only does he state that she was a " half-wit”, he also lets us know that the girl with also a verruckter. I am sure the poet tries to tell a sad tale with this poem which could end up being set to blues music because of the nature from the story. Saying that Johnny was obviously a " nigger” lets you know instantly that equally he and Frankie stay in a highly racist society that frowned on their white women sleeping with black men. This same society as well looked the other approach when their white males took dark-colored women with their beds. Sexual standards for white men have always been different than the ones pressured upon white-colored females. Frankie is born to a meek and compliant girl her society but we all quickly find her first hurting tiny animals and keeping her sadistic ways into her...



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