Forced Remoteness in Steinbeck's' Of Rats and Men

3 October 2012

Period 2

Forced Seclusion

Everyone inside their lifetime wishes the comfort of a pal, but will be satisfied with the mindful ear of a stranger. In the novel, Of Mice and Men, Steinbeck shows just how lonely individuals were during the 1930's. He educates a seedy lesson regarding the nature of man existence, and exactly how the character types in the account had to confess at one time or another to having a profound feeling of isolation and solitude. Although every single character experienced their own remote troubles, Curley's wife, Crooks, and Sweets, suffered the most from loneliness.

Curley's wife is a only female character inside the story that is never presented a proper, and is also only described in reference to her husband. The men on the farm building refer to her as a " tramp”, a " tart”, and a " looloo”, and the lady represents the temptation of female libido in a male-dominated world. Steinbeck depicts Curley's wife less a bad guy, but rather like a victim. Just like the ranch-hands, she's desperately lonely and has broken desires for a better your life. For example , the lady tells Lennie, " I actually get lonesome. You can speak with people, but I can't talk to no person but Curley. ” (95) This shows how informed she is regarding Curley's insecurity, which causes her to talk to the additional men in secret. Curley expects his wife to do as he tells her at all times, and expects her to separate herself coming from everyone else and only speak with him. In addition , Curley's wife also provides after obtaining where Curley had gone too " Believe I can't say for sure where all of them went? Also Curley? ” (77) Curley's wife despises the requirements and demands her husband has over her, fully with the knowledge that Curley is unfaithful to her. Using this against her husband, Curley's partner does the specific opposite of what he tells demands of her, and does because she would like whenever Curley isn't about, and tries to have the folks understand that almost all she requires is a good friend. Curley's partner, being a female, is anticipated to obey a person at all times, yet since she is a free-spirited woman, she...



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