Family Medical Group


Key Facts

•Family Medical Band of Companies (FMG) currently features 2 partitions: oDistribution - which began operations in 1924, offering medical products to neighborhood hospitals Vice-president, Sam Collins:

•promoted internally after having moved throughout the ranks over 15 years •known for building relationship with clients

•easygoing individuality and well-defined wit

•considered a trusted and loyal employee

Five branch office buildings located across Canada

145 personnel – various long-term employees still applied Has attained a solid reputation nationally for quality products and reliable customer satisfaction Cuts to healthcare spending in the 90's has brought on profits to decline considerably over the past 10 years Repositioned business strategy to manage cutbacks

•New atmosphere of cost restraining and continuous change

•Some long-term personnel terminated due to cutbacks

•Cutbacks have created constraints in employing, leading to a tremendous impact on prospects oManufacturing – created in 1986 to develop and manufacture innovative, new medical products  Vice-president, Indicate Olsen:

•hired externally, Invoice needed somebody with experience, eye-sight and specialized ability to take care of production and R& G departments •relatively young, although his attraction and organization approach have got earned him respect 180 employees

Products being aggressively promoted internationally; sales have expanded into over 40 countries New product-line exts developed, however, not produced or perhaps promoted but due to lack of resources Profits have been elevating significantly seeing that inception •Current HR Director has been on leave for the past 13 several weeks oMinimum of 10 vacancies to be packed at any given time

oTraining and advancement programs has endured as a result oHave not experienced time to develop strategic ideas or forecasting for possibly division  


•Profits in the Division division include declined considerably. Changes in ideal focus and process...



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