Drug Abuse

The recurring deaths of drug users has became, nowadays, a regular

trend, that most us has got ever done it. The amounts of the victims

more and more maximize rapidly in that degree which enables us shudder.

Prospectively, there was a great alarming embrace drug abuse for our college.

Many college students take crack, heroine, LSD, hash, bust, and other medicines;

these illegal chemicals provoke undeniably addiction.

The reason why that led to that accrual are several. Firstly, the alienated

interpersonal human relationships has reduced the esoteric communication

between persons. The inhospitable environment of the megalopolis offers worsen

the communicational impasse and has assaulted the clairvoyant equilibrium of

individuals. Second of all, the defective function in the family; the chasm

between them, converts young people to other types of В‘families' of the

demiworld. Even overprotection several times makes it ask for a

gateway. Thirdly, the imitation of musicians and actors can lead many

young people to drugs, as they are trying to appear alike these people. Nevertheless,

even as we now, today all this staff about getting В‘cool', affects mostly youthful

people in fact it is more evident in places where there are many gathered,

like in college. In addition, another reason is most likely the fact of the

provocative easiness to find drugs in college, when and whatever drug

you wish. Finally, a disappointment via a romantic relationship or institution, for

example a fail in the finals, can be a good reason for those young people to

submit to prescription drugs.

For this negative situation that exists within our college, counselors and teachers

have to undertake control. They have to advise and seek advice from students about

the risk of currently taking drugs. Also, college besides of education has to make an effort to

nurture a positive personality. This will be successful with the presence of

corporation among students and teachers, the reinforcement of activity

leading, the...



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