Disaster Management




1 . One of the primary concerns of any nation state is usually to ensure peace and security for sustainable expansion. Any land whose man and materials resources happen to be constantly decimated by unfortunate occurances and in whose citizenry is definitely regularly traumatised cannot be mobilised for any significant development. Usually, disasters arise with these kinds of regularity that huge individual and materials resources, that could have otherwise been employed in national development, are misplaced annually to deal with disasters and for the treatment of their patients. The value of the discomfort or deficits usually establishes whether the event is a minimal accident or a disaster. 1 A disaster is usually an event or hazard that causes serious loss, destruction, hardship, unhappiness or perhaps death. a couple of Disasters will be grouped into natural or man-made. If natural or perhaps man-made, catastrophes are usually devastating, resulting frequently in injuries, losses in lives and properties thus causing wide spread disruptions.

2 . Natural unfortunate occurances are those hazards that result from actions/inactions or effects of natural components or providers such as weather condition, floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, landslides and avalanches. They are generally rapid or slow in character as well as the intensity of disruptions brought on to people and property fluctuate. 3 Man-made disasters happen from mans act of commission or omission and are rarely forwent by caution. Such problems include street, air and train mishaps, boat mishaps, explosions, detrimental disturbances, conflict and terrorism. 4

3. Disasters, usually are complex phenomena requiring immediate and well coordinated counter measures on the part of government to handle them. a few This is because of the huge deficits and costs that often derive from them. Work therefore need to be made to prevent or control them in a approach that relief is delivered to the victims. These measures include clear national procedures, legislation, included plans, schooling, public recognition and financing for disaster management. Through these initiatives, there will be improved measures associated with prevention, minimization, preparedness, answers and restoration.

4. Tragedy management refers to the series of steps used by a country that draws the resources of relevant bodies and organisations inside its area towards protecting against, preparing, answering and restoration from catastrophes. The organisations could be civil, para-military or military. 6 In order to bring the awareness of the efforts mentioned previously to the knowledge of governments and to also relieve the sufferings of subjects, the ESTE declared the period between 1990 – 1999 an International Decade for Decrease of All-natural Disasters (IDRND). 7 Being a follow up, the UN organised and held campaigns globally on devastation reduction steps with the Nigerian version which usually took place in Ibadan in October 1999. 8

five. As part of Armed forces Assistance to Municipal Authority (MACA), most nations around the world rely on their very own security causes for catastrophe management. Without a doubt the security pushes have remarkably integrated administrative/command and natural capabilities to reply promptly to disasters. They normally are required to provide emergency services such as quick evacuation, search and recovery (SAR), protected life and property, provide emergency medical aid along with participate in content disaster supervision reconstruction. As an example, when the condition of Gujarat in India experienced damaging earthquake about 26 January 2001, much more than 1 . two million residences were destroyed while 20, 086 people were killed and also 20, 500 injured. The us government of India deployed about 23, five-hundred soldiers with appropriate gear for urgent rescue and relief businesses in the state. 9

6th. Nigeria has already established disasters during the past which affected directly on the society leading to human suffering and socio-economic losses. Some of the devastating problems in the good the nation happen to be those of the flood devastation of Bagauda Dam, Kano in...

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