Hazardous Driving Patterns

Dangerous Driving Practices

Colin Pemberton

ENGL 1301

August doze, 2012

Pauline Rodock

Dangerous Traveling Habits Outline

Thesis: Many of today's motorists have risky driving patterns including text messaging and speaking on their cellphone, driving impaired, and reaching passengers. My spouse and i. Introduction

II. Texting and Talking about Cell Phone

3. Driving Disadvantaged

a. Liquor

b. Drugs

IV. Interacting with People

c. Loved one

d. Good friends

e. Youngsters

Versus. Conclusion

Dangerous Generating Habits

A lot of today's incidents occur as a result of dangerous practices that are applied by individuals. Some people think that it is alright to do numerous things whilst they are driving because they are good multitaskers. Just because you drive typically does not mean that you are great new driver. It is important to pay attention to the road mainly because you need to be prepared for nearly anything. Many of this drivers possess dangerous driving habits which includes texting and talking on the cell phone, traveling impaired, and interacting with individuals.

With the developing use of cell phones today sending text messages while traveling has become a big issue. This is especially true with teenage motorists. Many accidents have occurred and kept people dead or once and for all injured must be driver was texting. Chatting on the phone in addition has become a serious problem. While talking on the phone about what your strategies are pertaining to tonight or perhaps planning a organization meeting, it is impossible to also be focused on the road and what is going on around you. Because of the intensity of this issue many laws and regulations have been enacted to prohibit the use of mobile phones while traveling.

Driving reduced is another issue that is a big concern with regards to driving. If under the influence of alcohol or perhaps drugs it truly is dangerous to operate a vehicle impaired. In that way you are not simply putting your daily life at risk however the lives of other individuals as well. There are many people who say that they travel better drunk or high than they certainly when...



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