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What Brought on WWI: Research Paper

On June twenty-eight, 1914, the heir for the Habsburg throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, stopped at Sarajevo in Austrian-ruled Bosnia. During his visit a young Serb nationalist named Gavril Princip, who was simply trained and armed by the Serb terrorist organization known as the Black Hand, assassinated the archduke fantastic wife. This could later be known as " The Shot Heard Around the World” (Western Civilization 1). Austria-Hungary could use the killing as a motive to strike Serbia. As a response to the assassination, Junker von Giesl ambassador to Serbia stated: " the conclusion which causes itself after me that the reckoning with Servia, a war pertaining to the position from the Monarchy as being a Great Electricity, even due to its existence as such, cannot be permanently avoided”(Sources of Western Custom 3). This kind of single action has been considered to be the initial ignite that set the world on a path toward war, yet I occur to believe that other less clear underlying causes were the foundation for the beginning of The Great Warfare, otherwise generally known as World War One. These kinds of key factors are: imperialism, the alliance system, militarism, and nationalism.

Long before the assassination from the Archduke, imperialism was triggering tension involving the Great Forces of Europe. During the a lot of 1880 up until 1914 Europe had a feeling of self-assurance based on the unchallenged control it held over the remaining portion of the globe. Europeans conquered a lot of area across the oceans, and also proclaimed the globe simply by massive migrations (Western Civilization 1). As opposed to the earlier period which dedicated to the Americas, New Imperialism centered on Asia and Africa. With only a limited sum of terrain left to colonize there was clearly a scramble to increase kingdoms. Empire building was a way to assert countrywide power, and it was thought Web page 2

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