Cardiovascular System

Jean-Pierre Macabe

Thomas Robinson


The heart also known as the circularity product is a body organ functioned program that movements nutrients, gas and wastes to and away from get cells, this can help you do things like fight disorders etc . this technique is seen to some people being a blood travel.


The primary purpose/function is to move nutrients, fumes and waste materials to and from skin cells.


The machine is made up of center, blood and blood vessels. The standard adult cardiovascular is about the dimensions of a clenched fist and weighs around 300 grams. It beats about 90, 000 times in one day and 35 million instances in a year.

Heart- The heart is a muscle that pumps and comes up the blood for all the cells in the body. It' s function most important because in order to endure your tissues need a constant supply of air and nutrients, if your cardiovascular system was at any time removed then you would deprive the tissues of what they need which would lead to them produce unusual adjustments that would bring about to your loss of life.

The composition of the cardiovascular system is made up of the atria, ventricles, bicuspid & tricuspid device, chodae tendineae, aortic & pulmonary device, aorta, outstanding & poor vena cave and the pulmonary vein and artery. many of these serve their own purpose and help the cardiovascular system function properly.

Blood Vessels- Blood vessels will be channels wherever blood gets dished to be able to the body's damaged tissues. The boats are two systems of tubes that start and end at the heart. One of those is named the pulmonary vessel with this system bloodstream is moved from the right ventricle towards the lungs and back to the left innenhof and there is the systemic vessels that take blood from your left ventricle to all the tissues within the body and then earnings the blood to the right vorhof des herzens. Depending on how the vessels job they are normally given 1 or several names, arteries, capillaries, or perhaps veins.

Arteries- Arteries carry blood away from heart. The...



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