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1A business combination is a union of business entities through which two or more recently separate and independent businesses are brought beneath the control of a single management group. FASB Statement No . 141R describes 3 situations that establish the control necessary for a business mixture, namely, when ever one or more corporations become subsidiaries, when 1 company exchanges its net assets to another, and when each combining business transfers the net assets to a newly formed corporation.

2The dissolution of but one of many separate legal entities is not necessary to get a business mixture. An example of 1 form of business combination in which the separate legal entities are generally not dissolved can be when one particular corporation becomes a subsidiary of another. When it comes to a parent-subsidiary relationship, every combining business continues to can be found as a independent legal organization even though equally companies are underneath the control of a single management crew.

3A business combination happens when two or more previously independent and 3rd party companies are brought under the control over a single administration team. Merger and debt consolidation in a universal sense are usually used since synonyms for the term organization combination. In a technical sense, however , a merger is a type of business combination in which all but one of many combining choices are dissolved and a consolidation is a type of organization combination in which a new company is formed for taking over the possessions of several previously distinct companies and all of the incorporating companies are mixed.

4Goodwill occurs in a organization combination accounted for under the buy method when the cost of the investment (fair value with the consideration transferred) exceeds the fair value of recognizable net assets acquired. Underneath FASB Statement No . a hunread forty two, goodwill is no longer amortized pertaining to financial revealing purposes and can have no influence on net income, unless of course the goodwill is deemed to be damaged. If goodwill is impaired, a loss will be reocnized.

5A great buy purchase occurs when the acquisition price is less than the fair worth of the recognizable net property acquired. The acquirer information the gain from a bargain purchase volume as an extraordinary gain throughout the acquisition, under FASB Statement Number 141R.


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Plant and equipment should be registered at the $55, 000 good value.


| |Investment cost | |$800, 1000 | | | | | | | |Less: Fair worth of net assets | | | | | Cash |$ 80, 000 | | | | Inventory | 190, 1000 | | | | Property and equipment — net | 560, 000 | | | | Liabilities |(180, 000) | 650, 000 | | |Goodwill | |$150, 1000

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Stockholders' equity — Pillow Organization on January 3

|Capital stock, $10,50 par, 300, 000 shares outstanding |$3, 000, 500 | | | | |Additional paid-in capital...



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