Barriers of Communication

Barriers to Communication

Categorization of Boundaries

       Semantic Organizational Inter-personal Individual Cross- cultural (Geographic) Physical as well as channel / and multimedia Technological

Semantic Barriers

Technology of that means - Phonetics science of sound. Semantics – code /decoding • Similar Pronunciation but multiple meaning. • Badly portrayed message – incoherence, poor sentence building and jargons • Incorrect interpretation -- Pandit, cisura / Rajah • Untrained assumption by simply sender as well as receiver • Technical language / lingo

Organizational Limitations

Interference by relative status and benefits of participants, antagonico needs and expectations

to Organizational tradition – influences freedom and trust u Organizational rules o Status relationship um Complexity in organizational composition o Inadequate facilities and opportunities um Lack of co-operation between elderly and subordinate.

Inter-personal Obstacles

Sender and receiver – different economic, educational and status level

Barrier via Superior

       Shortage of moment for employee Lack of trust Lack of trust for employee's demands and expectations Desire to capture authority by retaining info Fear of burning off power of control Bypassing Information overload to employees – missing wheat from skin.

Inter-personal Limitations

Barrier via Subordinate

 Lack of appropriate channel – how does this individual convey?  No interest to talk  Insufficient cooperation and mutual understanding  Not enough trust and co-ordination  Poor interpersonal relationship  Fear of fees.

Individual as well as Psycho-sociological Limitations

Change????? Style  Linguistic accent  The form of expression  Level of theatre / signals  Humour  Brevity  Selection of discriminatory or perhaps non- discriminatory communication  Quality of credibility and charisma

Individual / Psycho-sociological Barriers

 Selective Perception – ‘I know it syndrome', ‘waste of time'  Status romance - – monologues by seniors ...



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