Effects of Underhanded Behavior

Effect of Unethical Behavior Content

There are many factors that could lead to dishonest practices and behaviors in accounting such factors happen to be financial pressure, opportunity, and rationalization. With proper checks and balances and accounting procedures a business can prevent unethical practices and actions. Unfortunately, there is no sure approach to completely steer clear of unethical techniques and behaviors. The most important element of unethical procedures and behavior is opportunity for an employee to make fraud the business has to generate the opportunity to get the employee to succeed. (Kimmel, 2009) Greed and rationalization are the harder two to control within an firm. If the business does not include internal controls put in place to try and elude unethical behavior it truly is setting itself up for difficulties. Some internal controls which you can use to prevent this kind of behavior and remove the option angle of unethical tendencies are business of responsibility, segregation of duties, records procedures, and physical regulates. By placing these things in effect you reduce the probability of unethical techniques and behaviours. (Kimmel, 2009) Financial pressure is another explanation employees may become unethical. In the event that an employee discovers himself or herself in need of some fast cash in addition to not inside controls in place to detour them they can find themselves skimming off of the leading and covering cash to get them through the rough spot in their personal life. Many of these factors could be credit card repayments and personal loans that have obtained a bit overly enthusiastic and now automobile may have zero way of paying down such a lot of financial debt. Rationalization is definitely pretty common within dishonest behavior; personnel can find themselves rationalizing that they can deserve this money for every their work and are not really fairly compensated for his or her function. Another justification an employee can use is the...



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