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San Miguel Brewery

an auxilliary brand of San Miguel Firm, is the

largest ale producer inside the Philippines,

having a market share of over 95% as of 08.

] It has five breweries spread across the country generating

eight beer brands, led by it is flagship brand San Miguel.


unique San Miguel Brewery started in 90 in Manila.

Later renamed as San Miguel Company (SMC) in 1963.

San Miguel Brewery was spun off from SMC on March 1, 2007

and was subsequently listed on the Philippine Stock market on May 12, 2008. Last year, Kirin Coalition Co. Ltd. of Japan

bought 48. 3% of the company from SMC for PHP 8. 841 per reveal. Ownership


San Miguel Corporation

Kirin Holdings Co. Ltd.

PCD Nominee Corporation (Filipino)

Holly Sy

Syntrix Holdings Incorporation.

PCD Nominee Corporation (Non-Filipino)

Isias and/or Melinda Lumanta

Marilyn Maranon

Virgilio Salonoy

Fadil 3

John Devela & The author P Noy CO

Board of Owners

Eduardo M. Cojuangco, Junior.

5. Chairman and CEO

* Chairman

* Executive Committee

Ramon S. Ang

* President and COO

* Member

* Business Committee

2. Nomination & Hearing Committee

Estelito P. Mendoza

* Chairman

2. Nomination & Hearing Committee

* Affiliate

* Executive Committee

* Review Committee

IГ±igo Zobel В

Winston F. Garcia

5. Independent Director

* Affiliate

* Audit Committee

* Professional Compensation Committee

Menardo R. Jimenez

* Leader

* Executive Settlement Committee

* Member

* Professional Committee

Leo S. Alvez

* Member

* Candidate selection & Hearing Committee

Hector L. HofileГ±a

2. Member

* Professional Committee

Carmelo L. Santiago

2. Independent Director

* Leader

2. Audit Panel

* Member

* Executive Committee

* Professional Compensation Panel

* Nomination & Ability to hear...



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