annotated bibliography

Annotated Bibliography

Bela Yell

The southern area of New Hampshire University

Performs Cited

Doyle, P. M., & Birch, L. (2011). Urine elimination in pregnant state: Indications to get catheterization. English Journal Of Midwifery, 19(9), 550-556. ISSN: 0969-4900 This can be a double-blinded quantitative examine discussing pregnancy's effects upon women's anatomy and the hazards to the genital-urinary system through the stages of pregnancy. Particular attention is placed on signs for urinary catheterization, and analyzes best practice pertaining to deciding when ever and how this can be appropriate for the patient. The author offers an overview of urinary catheterization, that gives a summary of symptoms for use of catheterization in labor, and discusses the preferred methods of catheterization based on risk to the patient and the stage of motherhood. The article supplies a summary, and adds after previous analysis on the subject. The strengths in the study happen to be that they perform include earlier study references where irregular vs . continuous catheters had been studied, however the weakness for this at the same time, is the fact those studies were prior to 2010. This article supports the utilization of indwelling urinary catheter in labor with an epidural. The resources found in this analyze are based on quantitative analysis of information prior to 2010, the research at that point in time was strong, using clinical significant information, and has a electric power greater than 90%, this research article can be valuable, for the reason that similar methods may be used to collect up to date information regarding guidelines, and adds strength towards the hypothesis that further studies needed in this area.

Millet, L., Shaha, S., & Bartholomew, M. (2012). Costs of bacteriuria in laboring women with epidural inconsiderateness: Continuous versus. intermittent urinary catheterization. American Journal Of

Obstetrics & Gynecology, 206(4), 316. e1-7. ISSN: 0002-9378

Continuous urinary catheterization or intermittent catheterization while laboring with a great

epidural is usually researched to look for the rates of urinary tract infections developing with each

method. This is a qualitative, random, non-blinded, study of 160 laboring patients. Your data

and the medical significance in the data was critically reviewed. Urine civilizations were

performed prior to the patients received epidurals, and a second culture was taken by discharge.

The study analyzes the prices of contamination with both types of procedures and provides a summary of

benefits including which procedure created less cases of urinary system infections.

The weak spot related to the study is the reliability of consistency in strategies of collection.

The talents of the research are that the research was conducted properly using controlled

and randomized testing, every single effort was made to create a methodical, consistent way of

collection. The results revealed that intermittent catheterization recently had an increased significance

of urinary system infections compared to continuous indwelling catheters to get patients in labor.

There were zero apparent biases in the examine. This article will be used in the materials review

to support that indwelling urinary catheters would be the preferred approach to catheterization in

working patients with epidurals once labor is definitely expected to continue for at least two hours.

This article is useful in this assessment, showing examine results straight relating to your research

issue, this article is an important tool in building the material for doing further

research about them.

Rivard, C., Awad, M., Liebermann, M., DeJong, M., Massey, S. Meters., Sinacore, L. & Brubaker, L.

(2012). Bladder drainage during labor: A randomized controlled trial....

Bibliography: (2012). Bladder drainage during labor: A randomized controlled trial. Journal Of Obstetrics

& Gynaecology Analysis, 38(8), 1046-1051.



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