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Response any two questions in 500 words each. (DCQ)

1 ) Explain the terms 'Industrial' and 'Post - industrial' societies. twenty 2 . Does the Juvenile Justice Act care for the problems in the orphaned, late and destitute children? 20

3. Discuss some of the key issues of democracy in India. 20 4. What do you comprehend by the term 'human security'? Discuss. 20 Answer virtually any four question in two hundred and fifty words each. (MCQ)

5. Emphasize key issues in modern administration., 12

6th. Discuss the role of Gandhi through the national motion. 12 several. Critically look at the function of the establishment of family. 12 almost 8. What do you realize by the term 'digital divide'? Discuss. doze 9. Brief review briefly in classical American indian dance. 12

twelve. Discuss the measures India took to reply to the current period of globalisation. 12 11. What do you comprehend by the term Renaissance? Talk about. 12 doze. Give your own views on tips on how to study contemporary society. 12

Answer any two in 100 words and phrases each. (SCQ) 6+6

a) Cultural stratification

b) Tranquility and discord during times of globalisation

c) Planning in India

d) Kyoto Protocol

Indian Classical Dances

India features thousands of yr old tradition of fine disciplines and traditional and people music and dances. A number of the world-famous party forms that originated and evolved in India will be Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Kathakali, Kuchipudi, Manipuri, Mohiniattam and Odissi. All these party forms make use of basically the same 'mudras' or signs of palm as a prevalent language of expression and were formerly performed inside the temples to entertain numerous Gods and Goddesses. These people were also powerful in having forward the many mythological stories from era to generation while entertaining the followers. It became a part of 'Natya Shashtra', since propounded by Sage Bharata to compile and move some regulations of enjoyable arts.

Over time, the time-honored dances evolved to include the expressions and themes via...



Jane Eyre - Setting. Essay

19.08.2019 JANE EYRE In the story, ‘Jane Eyre' by Charlotte Bronte, establishing is used over the novel to illustrate the development in the figure. The novel is revolved around five separate…..