Middle ages Times

Picture you are in Old Times, the foodstuff, the people, the weapons. The bus ride was long. I could not wait to find the castle, the medieval fort looked like. I had been amazed when I got to the castle. You should work on these sentences for making your composing stronger. " Show me, don't tell me. ” Use sensory words! The past sentence (your thesis) should be 1 word. Try incorporating the last two sentences of the paragraph. Middle ages Times is an accurate manifestation of the Middle Ages. That is because in the food and beverages, weapons, and the extras. Primarily

Great transition and topic phrase.

, the food and beverages were accurate. You had water to drink. The chicken breast was great and was a little saline, so it was beneficial to have water to consume. Also, for dinner time, a food choice was soups or stew. We however Switch these words and insert a comma.

did not have soup or stew because it was lunch time but not dinner. However, the guns were genuine. The knight was schooling his squires with specific weapons. Like the halberd can be described as combination of a battle-axe and a pike. Also, the bludgeon, a form of mace, was also employed. Then they were using swords. Finally, the dagger was used, a small sword. Furthermore, the extras were amazing. The dancing and bowing horse from Saudi Arabia was the best part. The falcon with the bells on his foot was also a tradition in the opening service. The color of the knight's shield and the horse's armor as well told where they originated in. Like the red knight, Grande Ruiz sobre Roig was from Castilla. Similarly, the black and white knight, Put on Iofre Santa claus Creu was from Santiago de Compostela. That is why I do believe Medieval Occasions is an exact representation with the Medieval period. You do not need to share me " That is why I think…” The first sentence should be the exact same sentence from the thesis. I think this as a result of extras, the weapons and last but not least, the food and beverages. I do think it is a great show to determine...



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