An Evaluation of A Suggested Ordinance intended for Olongapo Town, Zambales, Israel


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Buklod Center, Incorporation. is a Filipino non-government firm that provides numerous activities that promote women empowerment in Olongapo. They conduct activities various actions to push because of their advocacy such as education, sustenance, information on prostitution and trafficking to girls, and safeguard of children and females from violence. Buklod, as its inception, continues to be conducting these services and has had significant impact for the women of Olongapo, providing them with more in order to improve their standards of living. Buklod features served being a refuge to women via all areas - especially the prostituted girls from Olongapo.

However , during its existence, the organization features faced several threats to its presence, with economic stability being the most prominent. Due to this difficulty, Buklod has had to count on donations as well as its small enterprise of offering bags, wallets, and the like. Due to this, the opportunity to exapand its functions and outreach initiatives is still minimal. To add to this, the impact of it is programs, even though insightful, remains to be hard to implement due to monetary needs of its members.

With all this, the group aims to suggest a solution that may address the problem of financial stability of the ladies, particularly those people who are formerly or currently doing work in the sex industry, of Buklod and the sustainability of Buklod. This study aims to propose an ordinance to the city of Olongapo that will offer sustainability pertaining to Buklod, their programs, and more importantly, improve the lifestyle of the women of Olongapo. This kind of ordinance will probably be in partnership with Technological Education and Skills Advancement Authority (TESDA) and its Community-Based livelihood system. The project's feasibility will be assessed through a cost-benefit examination in order to assess the possible and expected rewards and costs. Overall, this proposed answer aims to increase the overall circumstances of women in Olongapo and ultimately, the entire region. Situation and Profile

Regarding Olongapo

Olongapo is located in the southernmost portion of the Zambales province, and on the western coast of Central Luzon. Before, Olongapo, among various other lands adjacent to it, used to be a designated Naval Reservation territory states through the Business Order granted by previous US President Theodore Roosevelt, until the United states senate of the Israel terminated the stay with the US Army Bases inside the Philippines in 19911. After that, the royaume that were selected Naval Reservation territory from the US, which include Olongapo, were converted into a great industrial zone2. As certified by the National Statistics Workplace (NSO), Olongapo was the initial highly urbanized chartered city in its province3.

In accordance with the neighborhood Government Code of 1991, Olongapo Town is governed by a Creciente, the Chief Exec Officer, a Sangguniang Panlungsod, the legal body, and a Vice Mayor, the presiding officer of the Sangguniang Panglungsod4. The city is made out of 17 barangays, through which each is ruled by a Barangay Chairman and a Barangay Council5. These types of barangays can be found mainly in urbanized parts of the town.

Based on the most recent data given by the Nationwide Statistical Skill Board (NSCB), Olongapo Metropolis has a populace of 221, 178 individuals6. However , based on the 2011 data furnished by the Community-Based Monitoring Program (CBMS), 33, 929 individuals out of the total population were migrants. In fact , according to the recognized website of Olongapo City, the complicated and least manageable dimension of their population is migration7. Furthermore, people are known to move to Olongapo City pertaining to work-related reasons8. Based on the survey done by CBMS, 60 percent of the migrant workers were out of work before shifting to Olongapo City, and an overwhelming 91. 2 percent of these were able to get employed when they were in the metropolis already9....

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