Alcoholism: Cause and Effect

п»їA significant problem in today's society is addiction to alcohol. The effects of this kind of disease will be dangerous, significant and fatal. Alcohol causes various concerns in the lives of people without even them attending to developing challenges. The purpose of this kind of paper should be to discuss the physical, psychological, emotional and economic associated with alcoholism as well as the associated causes. First, addiction to alcohol effects will be physical in nature. These effects are serious and can be life threatening as alcoholism have been known to trigger death. Specifically, alcoholism can cause stomach cancer, as well as tumor of the kidneys and lean meats. Alcohol likewise physically changes how the physique naturally techniques such as absorbing key nutrients needed by the body to take care of health. Alcoholism severely damages the body's neurons which influences body motions, appetite, and level of major depression. According to the National Council in Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (2010) dangerous alcohol use is associated with many infectious diseases including HIV/AIDS, Sexually Sent Infections (STIs) and Tuberculosis because drinking weakens the immune system, reduces senses and affects ones view (NCADD, 2010). In addition to the physical effects of alcoholic beverages psychological results are important to consider and be aware of. Alcoholic beverages has habits to make a single feel peaceful and certain typed of alcoholic beverages possess beneficial well being properties such as red wine however this is where the threat lies in alcoholic beverages. Excessive alcohol consumption creates larger levels of anxiety and linked positively correlated with depression. Alcohol dependency can cause legal and personal issues with family members, and violence, patterns changes, and suicide amongst some. Liquor is effective and changes all normal behaviors. Some individuals find themselves to become confident in that they are able to drink responsibly and believe that their particular drinking does not have any affect these people at all. This can be true for a few people, nevertheless , for others...



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