negative aspects

п»їNegative Aspects of ICT


1 . Computer system viruses and will cause huge problems if they are able to access computer files.

Explain how computer virus can be and how it works

2 . Exploration two diverse examples of computer viruses and explain that they work and what they do.

a few. The risk of getting a computer computer virus onto your laptop can be decreased by setting up a special set of scripts.

a. Give the identity of the application that can be used to check on for infections and also remove them.

b. Describe why it is necessary to revise anti-virus software regularly.

c. Describe two actions that could be taken, besides using software, to prevent malware from getting into your computer system.

4. Computer software costs builders a great deal of time and effort to create. Regulations exist in an attempt to prevent this kind of software coming from being illegitimately downloaded or perhaps copied.

a. What is the word given to the act of downloading software illegally from the Internet or burning software with no permission?

b. State two guidelines that the laws of copyright cover.

a few. Software corporations use several techniques to make an effort to deter copyright theft. Illustrate two of these types of techniques.

6. If your laptop is connected to the Internet then it is at risk from hacking.

a. Illustrate what is supposed by the term ‘hacking'

n. Give two reasons why persons try to compromise into computer systems.

c. Describe two strategies that can be used to help stop hacking.

d. What am i saying by a ‘robust password'?

e. Give me a good example of a robust password.



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