A Streetcar Known as Desire

Perspectives of Streetcar

Streetcar can be described as play with a large number of interpretations while John Bak's survey of the critics illustrates ‘A play about post war Farreneheit. D. L. America' and Savran s. 89 identifies the 1940-50 American Southern with world in break with serious economic, interpersonal, and personal reorientation. Another view is usually ‘A emotional study of your fragile mind‘s struggle to discuss nostalgia with reality'. Kazan's note book views Stanley as representing ‘the raw forces of violence, insensibility and vulgarity which were expanding in the South' Critics begin to see the clash between Stanley and Blanche much less human against human but instead species against species in a Darwinian impression or a Nietzschean Appolonian/Dionysian dichotomy and those evaluations are in the handout Jeff Griffies 118 mentions a written report that Williams said that this is of Streetcar is ‘You had better be careful as the Apes is going to take over'. This kind of relates to Blanche in field 4—‘thousands and thousands of years have got passed him right by simply, and there he is –Stanley Kowalski –survivor of the caveman days! Bearing the raw beef home through the killing inside the jungle! ' indicating the hegemony (head jem also knee ) of the contest ist frame of mind of the south as Jeff depicted in Chicago Blanche seeing Stanley as a great ape just like primitive. If perhaps as Crandell suggests that Stanley is the position model of the stereotypical competition ist view of the old fashioned sexually appealing negro; Then a revulsion /attraction binary Blanche exhibits towards Stanley could possibly be both sexual and hurtful attitude of Lindner

Bigsby p. 49 sees Blanche as associated with ‘The the southern area of racist who insists the world adapt to his will certainly, accommodate itself to a model and in whose authority is based on its record: Blanche… demands that culture respond to her need for a life thoroughly shaped into art'. I think that the positions Blanche in maybe a more increased situation compared to the racism expressed in Lindner's obsequy Blanche...



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