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Othello Article 20/20

When a Shakespearean play is definitely transformed into a modern interpretation, it is vital that certain areas of the original, just like its concepts, themes and values will be included in the fresh storyline. Tim Blake-Nelson's film ‘O' can be described as modern day adaptation of Bill Shakespeare's classic tragedy ‘Othello'. The playwright written in early 1600 revolves around the central themes of jealousy, manipulation and love which are looked into through the use of literary techniques. In ‘O' these themes remain evidently implemented throughout the film, however the ways these are provided is through the use of various film techniques. The theme of jealousy is recurrent in both equally texts and it is a major influence on many of the character's thoughts and decisions. Although envy affects most of the main character types such as Emilia, Othello and Roderigo, the impact that it is wearing Iago is really strong which it causes him to take action against Othello. In Shakespearean performs, soliloquys are used to allow a character to connect their thoughts and purposes to the target audience whilst the other characters remain ignorant. In Othello, several soliloquys are made by simply Iago in which he talks of his plans to ruin the ‘Moor' associated with his hatred towards him. The jealousy of Iago is uncovered in his 1st soliloquy through which he explains that he is jealous of both Othello and his newly appointed lieutenant, Michael Cassio. He is jealous and upset that he did not get this promotion and this Cassio, a person of significantly less experience and skill, was chosen more than him. The envy that Iago feels is determined when he says ”I hate the Moor…” The use of the derogatory term ‘Moor', indicates hatred and disrespect toward Othello, and also notifies us of his jealousy by which this individual reveals by simply degrading his. In ‘O', the literary technique of any soliloquy can be transformed in to the film approach of a voice over. During this voice over by Hugo, he addresses of his desire to get ranking above other folks, as hawks do inside the animal empire....



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